Green Cars - Hybrid, Electric, Diesel, E85
Looking for green cars, trucks or SUVs? These popular high mileage eco-friendly vehicles offer a good starting point in getting to know green cars.


Technology Choices for Green Vehicles

Now more than ever, new car manufacturers are developing and fine-tuning technology choices for automotive consumers interested in driving green. And, green doesn't have to look or drive boring either - Tesla Motors has proven that with their sporty-looking electric cars. Whether your buying decision is based on wanting to be gentler to our green earth, or to keep more green in your pocket, you have many cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs from which to choose.


Popular models mix a traditional combustion engine with electric.


Uses electric motor often powered by rechargeable batteries.


Offers increased fuel economy and other advantages over gasoline.


Also known as flex fuel, these biofuel cars run on a gas ethanol mixture.

Defining Green Car

Currently green car has a very broad definition and can include everything from a fuel-effecient high mpg car to eco-friendly alternative fuel vehicles or plug-in hybrids.

A rather vague category of small cars is often counted as green not only because of their inherent fuel economy but because of smaller manufacturing carbon footprints. Additionally, city cars or urban cars have been identified as green because of their low-power engines and intended short-range urban area use.

Although some would argue, a vehicle does not have to be small to be green. Many improvements are being made in the fuel efficiency and manufacturing of trucks, vans, and SUVs. Today, choices in hybrid SUVs and hybrid pickup trucks are becoming almost as plentiful as hybrid passenger cars.

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