A complete guide to current model City Car (Urban) cars, SUVs, vans and trucks offering the best in today's green vehicle technology for high MPG, alternative energy and reduced carbon footprint.


Current model City Car Vehicles

City Cars or urban cars, while common in many international locales, are now available in the US. As the name implies, these vehicles are intended for urban use and therefore are very small in size. In fact, city cars are typically no more than 11 or 12 feet in length - much smaller than even typical subcompact cars. Although city cars are built with short trips in mind, these green automobiles still offer good speed and passenger protections. When necessary, city cars can be operated at highway speeds in mixed traffic and most weather conditions with relative safety.

Here is a list of green cars with your requested features: Green Factor: City Car; Production Status: Current Models; use the selections at the left to change the green vehicles displayed.

Year (Status) Manufacturer Model Price MPG
2011 (Current Model) smart fortwo coupe $10,990 33/41/36

smart fortwo coupe

The 2011 smart fortwo coupe is a green City Car vehicle, a Coupe with 2 passenger doors and seating a maximum of 2 people, with a price starting at $10,990. Running on Gasoline, the fortwo coupe gets 33 MPG City, 41 Highway MPG, a combined 36 MPG.

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