A complete guide to current model Fuel Cell cars, SUVs, vans and trucks offering the best in today's green vehicle technology for high MPG, alternative energy and reduced carbon footprint.


Current model Fuel Cell Vehicles

Fuel cell vehicles offer one of the most exciting options available in alternative energy sources for automobiles. Similar to electric cars, fuel cell vehicles use electricity to propel the motor and move the vehicle. However, that's where the similarities end. While electric vehicles store power in batteries, the FCV actually creates its own electricity through a hydrogren and oxygen chemical process. When fueled exclusively with hydrogen, an FCV emits no air pollution - only water and heat. Auto manufacturers and others dedicated to alternative energy sources are currently collaborating to further improve fuel cell technology and FCV reliability. So far though, availability is highly limited.

Here is a list of green cars with your requested features: Green Factor: Fuel Cell; Production Status: Current Models; use the selections at the left to change the green vehicles displayed.

Year (Status) Manufacturer Model Price MPG
2011 (Limited Model) Honda FCX Clarity FCEV $21,600 /61/

Honda FCX Clarity FCEV

The 2011 Honda FCX Clarity FCEV is a green Fuel Cell vehicle, a Sedan with 4 passenger doors and seating a maximum of 4 people, with a price starting at $21,600. Running on H2+Battery, the FCX Clarity FCEV gets 61 Highway MPG, .

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