A complete guide to current model Porsche green cars, SUVs, vans and trucks offering the best in today's green vehicle technology for high MPG, alternative energy and reduced carbon footprint.


Current model Porsche Green Vehicles

Green vehicles can be any car, truck, van, SUV or other mode of alternative transportation that offers significant improvements in the overall enironmental impact on earth and its natural resources. Hybrid cars currently offer one of the most popular options in driving green. However, other fuel sources and technologies are making their way onto showroom floors, from small city cars to the newest in clean diesel vehicles and plug-in electric cars. In addition, future automobiles with emerging technologies such as Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCV) and plug-ins continue to show promise in our quest to reduce pollution and a dependence on oil consumption. Today's options offer green vehicles priced to fit most budgets.

Here is a list of green cars with your requested features: Manufacturer: Porsche; Production Status: Current Models; use the selections at the left to change the green vehicles displayed.

Year (Status) Manufacturer Model Price MPG
2014 (Preview Model) Porsche 918 Spyder $845,000 N/A

Porsche 918 Spyder

The 2014 Porsche 918 Spyder is a green Plug-In Hybrid vehicle, a Convertible with 2 passenger doors and seating a maximum of 2 people, with a price starting at $845,000.

2011 (Current Model) Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid $67,700 20/24/21

Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid

The 2011 Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid is a green Hybrid vehicle, a SUV with 4 passenger doors and seating a maximum of 5 people, with a price starting at $67,700. Running on Gas+Battery, the Cayenne S Hybrid gets 20 MPG City, 24 Highway MPG, a combined 21 MPG.

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